“It was October again … a glorious October, all red and gold, with mellow mornings when the valleys were filled with delicate mists as if the spirit of autumn had poured them in for the sun to drain — amethyst, pearl, silver, rose, and smoke-blue. The dews were so heavy that the fields glistened like cloth of silver and there were such heaps of rustling leaves in the hollows of many-stemmed woods to run crisply through.” – L.M. Montgomery

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year, and we are so excited to welcome this beautiful season. Below, we have listed our favorite spots during autumn in Estes Park. 

1.) Endovalley

If you take the Fall River Road entrance into Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll quickly find yourself in the Endovalley! You can stop at the Sheep Lakes Information Station for a great view, or you can go a tad further and turn right onto Endovalley Road, stopping any number of times for the stunning views!


2.) Bear Lake

This spot is going to take a little more effort to get to, but it’s so worth it!

Bear Lake is a little more than a half-hour drive from downtown Estes; but if you’re going during peak hours, you’d be better off taking the shuttle and enjoying the hour or so ride through the park’s scenery. We’ve also found that if you go an hour or two before sunset, it tends to be much less crowded. The walk around Bear Lake offers some stunning views all its own, and you can also take a little more time to hike to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake (which are both incredible)!