When it comes to DJs, so many couples are starting to go with non-pros. Venue coordinators, photographers and wedding planners confide all the time that these DJs do more harm than good.

A professional DJ cares!

There are so many small details that a good DJ will take care of, all of which can make a huge difference on your wedding day. A good DJ will be great not just at keeping the dance floor full, but also at working behind the scenes before your wedding and all day at your wedding to make sure that everything is set up to flow perfectly. A good DJ will also be keeping an eye on everything that is going on to make sure that all of your guests feel included and involved during your wedding. These aren’t talents that you can pick up just by watching a few YouTube videos or spinning in a bar down the street; these are bits of know-how that professional DJs all cultivate over the course of many, many years and many, many weddings.

  1. Your DJ ends up being responsible for the overall feel of the wedding reception, and sometimes even the ceremony.

The DJ is the voice of the wedding: they set the tone, and they are the “face” of the announcements at the wedding. When the DJ gets on the microphone, everyone looks at them. Your DJ should be clear and engaging, but not the “center of attention” – a good DJ keeps the primary focus on you and your guests.

  1. The DJ is responsible for the overall timing of the day. Why the DJ? Because they’re the one with the microphone (and the experience)! A good DJ will make sure that the day feels like it just happened on its own, like it’s unfolding naturally all around you. Without a professional DJ, you can get a day that feels rushed or even falls behind your intended schedule.
  2. The DJ helps orchestrate events. They make sure that the sparklers/bubbles/glowsticks/etc. are at the exit for the guests for your send-off. They makes sure that a knife and a plate and a napkin are in place before announcing the cake cutting…  It’s all those things and a hundred more that flow better with a professional DJ.
  3. A professional DJ makes the day yours. They play the right songs for the right moments of the day and make it sound great!  A pro has well-tested, premium equipment with backup equipment on-site, not on-call! Many weddings require 3 separate sets of equipment for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception; a good DJ will be at least one step ahead of the guests and have equipment in the next space before the guests get there, not be moving equipment around all day with long breaks in the music.
  4.  A professional DJ mixes music. The continuous flow of music is so important; if there is a break in-between songs, even a short one, that can break any momentum you had on the dance floor. Keeping the music going seems like a small, easy thing to do but it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when so much is happening all at the same time. A good DJ knows this.


  1. Spending the additional money for a good, professional DJ is worth it. You don’t want to realize that after your wedding!


 – Author: Jay Kacik – Standing Room Only
Jay has been a full time wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies for over twenty years.  Highly awarded by The Knot and Wedding Wire and with hundreds of 5 star reviews on those sites from previous clients.
Previously, a full-time, on-air radio DJ for radio stations in Denver, Colorado Springs, PA, NJ, MI, nationwide on satellite radio and more.
Twin Owls Steakhouse has worked with Jay Kacik for many years, and he is one of our preferred vendors.

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