Sandra Huerta and Thad Eggen purchased the Twin Owls Steakhouse from Jim and Jennie Edwards in 2012. With nearly forty years between them spent in the glory of the Rocky Mountains, they have made a home and a life for themselves here, raising a son and taking advantage of every possible adventure the mountains and wilderness offer. 

Meet Sandra:

Sandra is a Colorado native who has lived and worked in Estes Park since 1999, the same year that she began working for the Steakhouse as a hostess; eighteen years later, she still steps behind the host stand from time to time, though most of her time is now spent acting as the restaurant’s full-time Sales Manager and Event Planner. With more than fifteen years of experience planning and booking events, Sandra has worked to ensure that the Twin Owls Steakhouse is Estes Park’s premier destination for every kind of event, and continues to strive as well to help grow the wedding industry in this beautiful mountain town.

Meet Thad:

Born in Kansas, Thad made his way to the mountains just as fast as he could, and has lived in Estes Park since 1997. A former high school Spanish teacher (with dozens of “grateful” students still in the area), Thad is now a full-time manager of the Twin Owls Steakhouse. When he isn’t behind the bar, delivering meals, or greeting customers, he can be found working away on his home brewing projects or spending time working with the Estes Park Cycling Coalition.

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